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A Historical Take on the Evolution of Endpoint Security

What makes endpoints the gateway into enterprises for so many cyber-attacks? Reviewing key events from the history of endpoint security helps shed some light on what drives attackers to target . . .


What is an exploit kit?

In our 2017 End of Year Research Report, we found that 86% of exploit kits employed evasive tactics to avoid detection. Here’s all you need to know about exploit kits and how to address the threat.


Confronting Snake Oil Sales Tactics in Endpoint Security

How can you validate the efficacy claims of endpoint security vendors? Here's a free tool to help you out.


How to Protect Against Fileless Malware Attacks

Fileless malware is surging. Can your existing endpoint solutions handle their evasive nature?


Why “Next-Gen AV” is just “AV”

In the world of antivirus the idea of “next-gen” AV is confusing at best. But is it ready to take on the challenge of ‘next-gen’ threats?


Protecting Critical Assets on the Endpoint When Malware Prevention Might Not Work

How can you protect your critical assets and applications in a practical manner that is suited to real world deployments?


Analyzing an AZORult Attack – Evasion in a Cloak of Multiple Layers

AZORult is an info-stealing malware, that has evolved over time to become a multi layered feature, that improves its chance not to get caught.


What to expect from your endpoint security solutions? Security coverage alone isn’t enough

We recently surveyed 600 security professionals to hear their view on the state of endpoint security in 2018. Here’s what we learned.


MSPs: Defining Your Security Services Commitments

If you’re thinking of adding on a security services offering to your practice or already have such a solution, confirm that your customers know what to expect from your security service.


MSPs – 3 Steps to Making Security Profitable and Valuable

If you’re like most MSPs, you’re always looking to increase either the scope of current services within a given customer or are looking to expand your service offerings.


GhostMiner: Cryptomining Malware Goes Fileless

Cybercriminals are increasingly relying on malicious cryptominers as a way of making money online, often shifting from using ransomware or diversifying revenue streams.


Endpoint Vaccination: Your IR Teams will Thank You

Contain the next malware outbreak and learn how endpoint vaccination works magic in your incident response.


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