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Malware evasion techniques - Obfuscated Files and Information

Obfuscation is one the many techniques used by malware to evade static analysis methods and traditional anti-malware solutions which rely on hashes and strings for malware detection and analysis. . . .


A new BluStealer Loader Uses Direct Syscalls to Evade EDRs

BluStealer malware was first detected in May 2021 by James_inthe_box. Back then, it was delivered through a phishing mail, either as an attachment or a Discord link leading to the malware download . . .


New Black Basta Ransomware Hijacks Windows Fax Service

The Black Basta ransomware was first observed in mid-April 2022, but had already caused substantial damage to over ten organizations. This new ransomware became more public after leaking data of the . . .


Malware Evasion - Detecting Security and Forensic Tools

This is the third post in our evasion techniques blog series. Feel free to view the other posts which discussed Sandbox Evasion and Living Off the Land techniques.


What Does it take To Beat the World's Fastest-Encrypting Ransomware?

A new report by Splunk recently revealed that some ransomware variants encrypt files at a staggering rate of 25,000 files per minute. This means that now might be a good time to revisit your threat . . .


SunCrypt Ransomware Gains New Capabilities in 2022

SunCrypt is a RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) group that was first seen in October 2019, and was one of the first groups to apply triple extortion* tactics to their attacks. Unlike other RaaS groups, . . .


Malware Evasion Techniques - Living off the Land

This is the second of a series of blog posts covering some of the more common evasion techniques used by malware developers. Feel free to visit the first post dealing for what is arguably the most . . .


Lockbit 2.0 ransomware surges in 2022

We’ve barely started March 2022, but according to LockBit’s 2.0 Onion website, they have already successfully targeted over 100 different organizations so far.


Malware Evasion Techniques - Sandbox Evasion

Modern malware doesn't break out and wreak havoc the moment it lands in your network. Instead, upon establishing a beachhead, it usually implements a series of evasive techniques in order to remain . . .


Ukraine Computers Hit By Wiper Attacks As Russia Advances

As Russia began its initial offensive into Ukraine, another kind of attack unfolded inside Ukrainian networks. A destructive wave of wiper malware attacks began corrupting files in hundreds of . . .


Virtual Patching - what it is and why it is crucial for threat prevention

Virtual patching is a highly effective technique for countering zero-day threats, i.e., stealthy cyber threats designed to exploit system and application vulnerabilities that software vendors have . . .


MyloBot 2022 – Evasive botnet that just sends extortion emails?

MyloBot was first detected in 2018 and was one of the most evasive Botnets at the time.  According to various reports, it incorporated different techniques such as: 

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