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Malware Evasion Techniques - Sandbox Evasion

Modern malware doesn't break out and wreak havoc the moment it lands in your network. Instead, upon establishing a beachhead, it usually implements a series of evasive techniques in order to remain . . .


SolarWind Attackers Launch New Wave Of Phishing Attacks

A new wave of NOBELIUM attacks has been reported by Microsoft. NOBELIUM is the same threat actor Microsoft attributed the SolarWinds attack to, a Russian based group attacking mostly US-based . . .


Trapping A Fat Quasar RAT

How would you go about evading the state-of-the-art sandbox? The most straightforward way would be to test your malware versus the industry’s top vendors. A sample we encountered in January, 2021 has . . .


The Upsurge in Evasive Malware

At this point in our industry’s history, pretty much every IT professional is very aware of the need for a security strategy that not only protects against current threats, but one that’s also . . .


Evasive Malware: Learning by Example

Malware authors are evolving as quickly as the AV and security vendors are. Here are some examples of how evasive techniques were implemented in attacks that hit the headlines.


New FREE Tool from Minerva – Mystique, automatically extract malware infection markers

Minerva is proud to officially release Mystique – a free, open-source tool for automatically extracting mutex infection markers from malware for vaccination. You can download the tool from  . . .


The Ohagi Malware Mystery - SOLVED!

The Ohagi campaign was exposed by Minerva about six months ago. We described it as an odd anomaly, fingerprinting the host machine thoroughly while searching for specific sandbox and VM related . . .


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