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Pimped Buhtrap Source Leaked

Following the leak of an enhanced Buhtrap malware source code, Minerva’s research team released a summary of its highlights, sharing their insights about this threat and the aftermath of the leak.


Containing and Recovering from Incidents with the Help of Minerva Labs and Carbon Black

Despite their efforts to prevent intrusions, enterprises can find themselves dealing with large-scale compromises. When the investigation reveals that numerous endpoints in the organizations are . . .


MSPs: Defining Your Security Services Commitments

If you’re thinking of adding on a security services offering to your practice or already have such a solution, confirm that your customers know what to expect from your security service.


MSPs – 3 Steps to Making Security Profitable and Valuable

If you’re like most MSPs, you’re always looking to increase either the scope of current services within a given customer or are looking to expand your service offerings.


GhostMiner: Cryptomining Malware Goes Fileless

Cybercriminals are increasingly relying on malicious cryptominers as a way of making money online, often shifting from using ransomware or diversifying revenue streams.


Why are Municipalities and Governmental Services a Prime Target for Cybercriminals?

Threats to state and local governments can be prevented before having to pay a fortune in remediation costs. Learn why municipalities and governmental services are a prime target for . . .


UIWIX – Evasive Ransomware Exploiting ETERNALBLUE

Last week everybody talked about the WannaCry ransomware, a non-evasive ransomware which exploited vulnerable servers to propagate, successfully infecting anything from digital billboards to the . . .


Minerva’s FREE WannaCry Vaccinator

The WannaCry/WannaCrypt malware outbreak of May 12th presents a powerful opportunity to reflect upon the endpoint security architecture to understand the role of the various defense layers that . . .


3 Legitimate Looking Techniques Used to Avoid Ransomware Detection

Ransomware comes in many forms. One strategy commonly used in ransomware attacks is to cloak malicious actions within legitimate looking programs. This combination allows the ransomware to . . .


Vaccinating Against Spora Ransomware: A Proof-of-Concept Tool by Minerva Labs

Spora is presently among the most common ransomware families. For instance, it struck countless victims in the fake “Chrome Font Pack Update” campaign, encrypting victims’ files even without . . .


CryptoLuck Ransomware- PREVENTED by Minerva Labs

During the last couple of days, a new ransomware campaign dubbed CryptoLuck was unveiled by the exploit kit expert @kafiene.


Ransomware Mania

Fifty new ransomware families have appeared in less than six months, according to a recent TrendMicro  report.
Prior to 2016 there were about a dozen major ransomware families and very . . .
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