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New Black Basta Ransomware Hijacks Windows Fax Service

The Black Basta ransomware was first observed in mid-April 2022, but had already caused substantial damage to over ten organizations. This new ransomware became more public after leaking data of the . . .


SunCrypt Ransomware Gains New Capabilities in 2022

SunCrypt is a RaaS (Ransomware as a Service) group that was first seen in October 2019, and was one of the first groups to apply triple extortion* tactics to their attacks. Unlike other RaaS groups, . . .


Lockbit 2.0 ransomware surges in 2022

We’ve barely started March 2022, but according to LockBit’s 2.0 Onion website, they have already successfully targeted over 100 different organizations so far.


2021 Was the Year Ransomware Protection Accelerated Enterprise Security Maturity

As one of the most debilitating and disruptive threats to ever exist in the Information Security landscape, ransomware and ransomware protection has been at the top of every enterprise security . . .


Meet the TimeTime ransomware - the ransomware that asks for €100 via PaySafeCard

Every day we hear about the growing number of sophisticated ransomware groups, such as the infamous Conti, Khonsari and BlackCat. These groups usually exfiltrate and encrypt their victims’ data (a . . .


Why do companies with EDRs and XDRs still experience Ransomware Attacks?

Endpoint Detection and Response systems (EDRs) promise to protect the endpoints of your IT systems against malware, ransomware, and other types of malicious code. As a result, companies of all sizes . . .


Minerva Prevention Platform helps Incident Response team gain control over ongoing Ransomware attack

Earlier this week, an Incident Response (IR) company was called in by a new customer that was experiencing a ransomware attack which they were unable to control.

They promptly deployed the Minerva . . .


BlackMatter - The New Star Of Ransomware

After the demise of the DarkSide ransomware affiliate program, a vacuum was left in the market. This space was promptly filled by new groups such as Lockbit and BlackMatter. BlackMatter, the . . .


Holiday Season Concerns? Ransomware Protection Could Save Your Company

Will ransomware steal your holiday cheer? This year, it could, if you’re unprepared for the surge in ransomware attacks that agencies like the FBI foresee during the end-of-year holiday season.


Working With OT Legacy Systems? 5 Ransomware Protection Tips For You

Much of the conversation surrounding the pandemic and IT has focused on managing new types of technologies that help employees work remotely, like video conferencing platforms and cloud desktops.


What You Should Know: Protect Against Common Ransomware Attack Methods

It’s easy enough to understand what ransomware does: It holds your data for ransom by encrypting it until you pay a fee to the threat actors.


Why Ransomware Protection Is A Vital Part of Healthcare

The healthcare industry is one of the most targeted verticals for ransomware attacks. According to IBM’s data breach report, in healthcare, 50% of data breaches [in the US] were due to malicious . . .

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