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Minerva Vs  Sekhmet Ransomware

Not much is known about Sekhmet ransomware, but reports about this strain of ransomware started surfacing around May of this year. The ransomware follows the recent trend of exposing the stolen files . . .


Minerva Labs named as a Cool Vendor for 2020 in Network & Endpoint Security

Minerva Labs Named as a Cool Vendor in Network and Endpoint Security 2020


How Minerva Labs Protects Against Thanos Ransomware

Thanos ransomware is a relatively new strain of malware, seen as of late 2019. it Is part of the RaaS (ransomware as a service) trend in which ransomware code and builders are sold on underground . . .


Conti Ransomware - Built to bypass EDRs, Prevented by Minerva

Over the past few months, a new ransomware threat has appeared, Conti ransomware. The ransomware has already been thoroughly researched by Carbon Black’s research team. Recently, we came across a new . . .


Don't be next! Prevent DarkSide's mutating mutex with Minerva

DarkSide ransomware is a new and dangerous malware that threatens its victims not only with its data encryption functionality, but also with leaking the stolen information on the dark web. So far it . . .


Watch Your Six! Minerva Prevented a Built-in Keylogger in HP Driver

Recently as COVID-19 spreads, more organizations are enforcing remote work-from-home, making employees home computers more vulnerable than ever to cyberattacks. 

Minerva is the only vendor that . . .


GermanWiper - yet another ransomware PREVENTED

All business organizations protected by MINERVA are safe! No infection or data loss accrued thanks to Minerva’s Double Layered Ransomware Protection. According to the media, this is a new type of . . .


Sodinokibi - Yet another ransomware prevented!

To all of our customers, OEM and MSP/MSSP partners,


Protecting ATMs Against Jackpotting Attacks

Jackpotting attacks against ATMs are highly profitable, and often involve both logical and physical attack vectors. How can banks and ATM manufacturers safeguard their systems against such attacks?  . . .


Considerations for Augmenting Antivirus Protection on the Endpoint

When deciding how to augment your baseline AV protection on the endpoint, understand the benefits and operational characteristics of each approach you’re considering. Here are a few guidelines.


Lenny Zeltser joins Minerva as VP of Products

We're thrilled to have Lenny Zeltser join the team  and look forward to strengthening Minerva's vision of redefining prevention. Lenny brings invaluable industry expertise and extensive knowledge of . . .

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