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A New DatopLoader Delivers QakBot Trojan

A new phishing campaign delivers a Qakbot (also known as Qbot or Quakbot), using DatopLoader(aka Squirrelwaffle). 


The Return of the German JavaScript Dropper

An unknown threat actor have been specifically targeting German companies and citizens for several months with advanced phishing-style attacks. As already reported at the end of last year in our blog . . .


Stopping BuerLoader With Minerva Lab's Hostile Environment Simulation module

BuerLoader is a stealthy implant, which is frequently used by attackers as an initial foothold in organizations. The malware’s common method of infection is by phishing mails, which contain a google . . .


Legally Dangerous Attackers

Malicious actors are consistently and persistently looking for new avenues to compromise sensitive data and they’ve found one such entry through legal firms.


New Malware Phishing Campaign Targets South-East Asia

Last week, Minerva prevented a new malware variant that was distributed via phishing emails in south-east Asia. This threat is not an impressive APT, it dosen’t utilize any 0-day exploits and is . . .


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