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Minerva Labs helps Incident Response team gain control over ongoing Ransomware attack

Earlier this week, an Incident Response (IR) company that we work with called us urgently and told us that they had just been called to an incident where a new customer was experiencing a . . .


Underminer Exploit Kit: The More You Check The More Evasive You Become

The Underminer exploit kit has surfaced numerous times since 2019, but here it is back again delivering the Amadey malware, as the Malwarebytes Threat Intelligence team found last week.


Phishing Attacks and Minerva Armor

Most threat actors these days are more mature than they were before. An organization will find out about a cyber attack on its network, in the late stages of the attack, when the damage has . . .


Vidar Stealer Evasion Arsenal

Vidar Stealer is not new to our world. It is known for stealing sensitive information such as banking details, IP addresses, saved passwords, browser history, login credentials, and recently, . . .


Become A VIP Victim With New Discord Distributed Malware

Threat actors are always looking for a way to avoid detection, and one of the most popular techniques is to use legitimate services to mask malicious network activity. A recent trend is to abuse . . .


Supply Chain Attack – We Can’t Predict It, But We Can Stop It

Modern technology is making our life easier, but it also makes us more vulnerable in the face of the attacker. From multinational organizations, all the way down to individuals with a simple smart . . .


Crackonosh - The Hidden Crypto Mining Malware

An article by Avast has introduced a novel malware by the name Crackonosh. This computer virus spreads through cracked software, specifically through illicit video game copies. The malware’s main . . .


IcedID - A New Threat In Office Attachments

IcedID is somewhat of a veteran in the MaaS industry, being actively developed and distributed since 2017. The malware-as-a-service, also called Bokbot, has been in extensive use in the last . . .


The Next Big Thing in Educating Your Remote Workforce On Staying Safe From Ransomware

An educated workforce should always be a vital part of your cybersecurity protection program, especially when that workforce is predominantly required to work from home.  Whether employees are . . .


Does WFH Mean We Have to Choose Between Privacy and Security?



Exterminating A Parallax RAT

Over the last couple of years, the use of user mode API hooking by security vendors became highly popular. Most next-gen antiviruses and EDRs use hooking for detecting and preventing malicious . . .


Emotet Malspam Blocked Even Before It Was Identified

Emotet, one of the most active recent malspam campaigns has launched a new malicious document which pretends to be a message from windows update, as reported by Bleeping Computer.

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