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A new BluStealer Loader Uses Direct Syscalls to Evade EDRs

BluStealer malware was first detected in May 2021 by James_inthe_box. Back then, it was delivered through a phishing mail, either as an attachment or a Discord link leading to the malware download . . .


Egregor Ransomware - An In-Depth Analysis

Minerva Labs undertook a detailed research of the Egregor ransomware, with the goal of providing an in-depth analysis of how it works to infect a target. Better knowledge of threat actor's techniques . . .


Stopping BuerLoader With Minerva Lab's Hostile Environment Simulation module

BuerLoader is a stealthy implant, which is frequently used by attackers as an initial foothold in organizations. The malware’s common method of infection is by phishing mails, which contain a google . . .


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