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Why are Municipalities and Governmental Services a Prime Target for Cybercriminals?

Threats to state and local governments can be prevented before having to pay a fortune in remediation costs. Learn why municipalities and governmental services are a prime target for cybercriminals . . .


The Emotet Grinch Is Back – with Triple PowerShell Gift Wrap

If you read our earlier post you are already familiar with Emotet. Recently Minerva prevented a new wave of Emotet attacks, a special Christmas-themed Emotet campaign - “Emotet Grinch”.


4 Malware Trends That Will Dominate 2018

End of the year is a great opportunity to reflect upon the key trends that have shaped 2017 and set the direction for the upcoming year. Minerva Labs undertook extensive research into malware trends . . .


Emotet Goes More Evasive. Here’s a DIY Vaccine to Prevent It

Emotet is a banking Trojan, designed for stealing banking information, email accounts and automatically siphoning money from victims’ bank accounts. It is known to be leveraging victims’ contact . . .


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