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The Emotet Grinch Is Back – with Triple PowerShell Gift Wrap

If you read our earlier post you are already familiar with Emotet. Recently Minerva prevented a new wave of Emotet attacks, a special Christmas-themed Emotet campaign - “Emotet Grinch”.


4 Malware Trends That Will Dominate 2018

End of the year is a great opportunity to reflect upon the key trends that have shaped 2017 and set the direction for the upcoming year. Minerva Labs undertook extensive research into malware . . .


Emotet Goes More Evasive. Here’s a DIY Vaccine to Prevent It

Emotet is a banking Trojan, designed for stealing banking information, email accounts and automatically siphoning money from victims’ bank accounts. It is known to be leveraging victims’ contact . . .


Prevented by Minerva Labs - New Evasive Malware Technique exploits Microsoft Dynamic Exchange

An increasing number of attacks take advantage of the capabilities of modern document formats to get past baseline anti-malware solutions. Such evasive measures involve initiating malicious . . .


Reflections Upon Deception-Based Security Tactics

I’ve been pondering the use of deception and variability to defend IT assets. Honeypots have been discussed in this context for quite a while, yet their initial implementation failed to take off . . .


Minerva Discovers WaterMiner - Key Highlights

Minerva Labs has recently discovered a new cryptocurrency mining campaign that uses evasion techniques to avoid being detected. In the campaign dubbed “WaterMiner”, malicious code was delivered to . . .


WaterMiner – a New Evasive Crypto-Miner

Minerva Labs has uncovered malicious software that implements a new evasive cryptocurrency mining campaign.


Prevention and Detection - Two Sides of the Same Coin

In our recent paper, “Making sense of the endpoint security” we compared and contrasted different types of endpoint security tools, from endpoint control, to anti-malware, to endpoint detection . . .


Making Sense of Endpoint Security

Despite worldwide spending reaching billions of dollars on endpoint security, in too many organizations endpoints are still the most vulnerable part of an organization’s technology infrastructure.


Minerva PREVENTS CCleaner Malicious Backdoor

On September 18, Cisco’s Talos team published that Avast’s recently acquired subsidiary Piriform was leveraged to deliver malware to unsuspecting victims via its IT utility tool, CCleaner. For . . .


New FREE Tool from Minerva – Mystique, automatically extract malware infection markers

Minerva is proud to officially release Mystique – a free, open-source tool for automatically extracting mutex infection markers from malware for vaccination. You can download the tool from  . . .


Malware Vaccination for the Enterprise, Brought to You by Minerva

We can immunize computer systems against some infections by deploying vaccines that fool malware into believing the endpoint is already infected. This premise has been lingering in my mind . . .


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