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Prevention and Detection - Two Sides of the Same Coin

In our recent paper, “Making sense of the endpoint security” we compared and contrasted different types of endpoint security tools, from endpoint control, to anti-malware, to endpoint detection


Making Sense of Endpoint Security

Despite worldwide spending reaching billions of dollars on endpoint security, in too many organizations endpoints are still the most vulnerable part of an organization’s technology infrastructure.


Minerva PREVENTS CCleaner Malicious Backdoor

On September 18, Cisco’s Talos team published that Avast’s recently acquired subsidiary Piriform was leveraged to deliver malware to unsuspecting victims via its IT utility tool, CCleaner. For


New FREE Tool from Minerva – Mystique, automatically extract malware infection markers

Minerva is proud to officially release Mystique – a free, open-source tool for automatically extracting mutex infection markers from malware for vaccination. You can download the tool from 


Malware Vaccination for the Enterprise, Brought to You by Minerva

We can immunize computer systems against some infections by deploying vaccines that fool malware into believing the endpoint is already infected. This premise has been lingering in my mind


Ripping and Replacing AV - be careful what you wish for

For too long, antivirus vendors didn’t innovate fast enough, and more and more companies started to question the effectiveness of AV. Understandably, there are now several vendors out there


Prevent or Detect: The Battle Against Memory Injection

In any cyber attack, the longer an attacker can remain undetected, the more pervasive, intrusive, and destructive they can be. So, the search is constantly on for new ways to compromise and take


Preventing the Latest Fileless Attack Endpoint Detection Tools Could Not Stop

Throughout the history of combat and military engagement, there are plenty of stories how a smaller force was able to overcome a larger force through the use of trickery and deception.


The Drawbacks of Using Code Snippets from the Web

Being a software engineer nowadays isn’t what it used to be a couple of decades ago – a lot of questions have a solution or a code example available online. And while some of us may take code


New Petya Ransomware Attack PREVENTED by Minerva Labs

During the last 12 hours, a new ransomware campaign is causing mayhem in what appears to be a one of the most catastrophic and aggressive ransomware attacks ever seen.

The ransomware is


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