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Minerva Labs Blog

3 Legitimate Looking Techniques Used to Avoid Ransomware Detection

Ransomware comes in many forms. One strategy commonly used in ransomware attacks is to cloak malicious actions within legitimate looking programs. This combination allows the ransomware to


USB Thief - Trojan Threat Prevented

Last week ESET published a blog post about a new advanced Trojan, capable of accessing sensitive information on air gapped machines. This rare capability enables it to target sensitive networks


Vaccinating Against Spora Ransomware: A Proof-of-Concept Tool by Minerva Labs

Spora is presently among the most common ransomware families. For instance, it struck countless victims in the fake “Chrome Font Pack Update” campaign, encrypting victims’ files even without


Lenny Zeltser joins Minerva as VP of Products

We're thrilled to have Lenny Zeltser join the team  and look forward to strengthening Minerva's vision of redefining prevention. Lenny brings invaluable industry expertise and extensive knowledge Read More >>

New Malware Phishing Campaign Targets South-East Asia

Last week, Minerva prevented a new malware variant that was distributed via phishing emails in south-east Asia. This threat is not an impressive APT, it dosen’t utilize any 0-day exploits and


New Carbanak Attack - PREVENTED by Minerva Labs

The Carbanak gang is one of the most notorious cybercrime organizations in the world. As a matter of fact, Kaspersky's analysts estimated that the "total financial losses (caused by Carbanak)


CryptoLuck Ransomware- PREVENTED by Minerva Labs

During the last couple of days, a new ransomware campaign dubbed CryptoLuck was unveiled by the exploit kit expert @kafiene.


The Ohagi Malware Mystery - SOLVED!

The Ohagi campaign was exposed by Minerva about six months ago. We described it as an odd anomaly, fingerprinting the host machine thoroughly while searching for specific sandbox and VM related


New Hancitor Malware: Pimp my Downloaded

Hancitor (AKA Chanitor and TorDal) is a downloader-type malware – out there for almost two yearsnow. Downloaders contact the C2 servers after establishing an initial foothold on the victim's


The Attack on the DNC - How APT's can be prevented

Six weeks ago both Palo Alto Networks and CrowdStrike released reports regarding a highly advanced attack on US governmental and political targets. The group behind the attack, dubbed APT28,


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