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The Upsurge in Evasive Malware

At this point in our industry’s history, pretty much every IT professional is very aware of the need for a security strategy that not only protects against current threats, but one that’s also


Protecting ATMs Against Jackpotting Attacks

Jackpotting attacks against ATMs are highly profitable, and often involve both logical and physical attack vectors. How can banks and ATM manufacturers safeguard their systems against such


Considerations for Augmenting Antivirus Protection on the Endpoint

When deciding how to augment your baseline AV protection on the endpoint, understand the benefits and operational characteristics of each approach you’re considering. Here are a few guidelines.


Evasive Malware: Learning by Example

Malware authors are evolving as quickly as the AV and security vendors are. Here are some examples of how evasive techniques were implemented in attacks that hit the headlines.


Why Your Security Solution Isn’t Catching Evasive Malware

You’re already keenly aware of the malware threat to your organization – this nasty vehicle by which ransomware, external attacks, and data breaches enter in has become so rampant, you have layers


Why Some Security Products Are Affected by Meltdown & Spectre Patches and Others Aren’t

When deploying software on endpoints, enterprises need to understand the risks a product might pose to the stability of the system. 


The Emotet Grinch Is Back – with Triple PowerShell Gift Wrap

If you read our earlier post you are already familiar with Emotet. Recently Minerva prevented a new wave of Emotet attacks, a special Christmas-themed Emotet campaign - “Emotet Grinch”.


4 Malware Trends That Will Dominate 2018

End of the year is a great opportunity to reflect upon the key trends that have shaped 2017 and set the direction for the upcoming year. Minerva Labs undertook extensive research into malware


Emotet Goes More Evasive. Here’s a DIY Vaccine to Prevent It

Emotet is a banking Trojan, designed for stealing banking information, email accounts and automatically siphoning money from victims’ bank accounts. It is known to be leveraging victims’ contact


Prevented by Minerva Labs - New Evasive Malware Technique exploits Microsoft Dynamic Exchange

An increasing number of attacks take advantage of the capabilities of modern document formats to get past baseline anti-malware solutions. Such evasive measures involve initiating malicious

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