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Emissary Panda Ransomware Targets Gaming Company

Cybersecurity attacks continue to rise as 2021 begins and Covid-19 pandemic continues. The gaming industry has received some special attention from threat actors connected to foreign governments.


Five Malware Trends That Dominated 2020 (And Will Still Be Here in 2021)

As we turn the corner and begin 2021 (not a moment too soon) many people are breathing a sigh of relief, but security experts are still holding their breath.  2020 was a bumper year for ransomware . . .


Preventing WannaMine4 Cryptojacking Attacks

Cryptojacking is a type of malware attack where threat actors use hijacked devices to illegally mine cryptocurrency.  It is widely considered to be among the least invasive cyber security threats. . . .


Rig Exploit Kit Resurges  - Minerva Prevents The Attack

The Minerva Labs Research team has recently encountered a resurgence in Rig exploit kit. This infamous exploit kit has been reportedly used by threat actors since 2015 (as reported by Trustwave). . . .


Solarwinds Breach Related Events Prevented By Minerva

Injection Attacks Thwarted Since August; The Minerva Approach Proves Itself Once Again 

Minerva Labs conducted a thorough review of the cybersecurity threat exposed by SolarWinds breach. Our . . .


U.S. Government Warns Against Paying Ransomware Attackers

Ransomware attacks have become so common, it seems we hear about new and worse ones almost on a daily basis. So much so that the U.S. government is directly addressing the issue with a pair of new . . .


Minerva Labs Stops An Attack By Gootkit Banking Trojan

A report by Malwarebytes' research team has unveiled a wave of attacks targeting Germany using a banking trojan named Gootkit.  Gootkit’s initial loader is an obfuscated Javascript with the . . .


Egregor Ransomware - An In-Depth Analysis

Minerva Labs undertook a detailed research of the Egregor ransomware, with the goal of providing an in-depth analysis of how it works to infect a target. Better knowledge of threat actor's . . .


Stopping BuerLoader With Minerva Lab's Hostile Environment Simulation module

BuerLoader is a stealthy implant, which is frequently used by attackers as an initial foothold in organizations. The malware’s common method of infection is by phishing mails, which contain a . . .


Does WFH Mean We Have to Choose Between Privacy and Security?



Exterminating A Parallax RAT

Over the last couple of years, the use of user mode API hooking by security vendors became highly popular. Most next-gen antiviruses and EDRs use hooking for detecting and preventing malicious . . .


Emotet Malspam Blocked Even Before It Was Identified

Emotet, one of the most active recent malspam campaigns has launched a new malicious document which pretends to be a message from windows update, as reported by Bleeping Computer.


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